Saturday, January 9, 2010

Khalifah Week @ ATFAL

On the first week ATFAL's students learned new word “Khalifah”.
During classes Teacher told that we are all Khalifah of Allah. That’s mean we all must help Allah s.w.t to do good thing in this world.

Teacher said we all have to make ourself good, than help others to be good and ultimately help to make the world clean, beautiful and better place to live in. Teacher also said that as a Khalifah we all must listen to teacher and pay respect to elder people.

We all had fun activities in ATFAL, coloring, writing, sing songs and many more. We recite doa together before and after eat to show apperciation to Allah for the food given. Also we read doa before enter and leave the house. Teacher said read doa to get Allah's blessing and avoid from satan. Teacher said that satan is our truly enemy and will lead us to hell.
We recite Dzikir at the end of class and watch movie about good Khalifah. We really enjoyed the day in ATFAL.

On the first week @ ATFAL, Teacher will emphasis on the Good Khalifah and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw).
Teachers have started to use Khalifah Method in the classroom, Meaning teacher have to be firmed and trained the children to be independent.
InsyAllah, During the process parents will notice positive changes in term of behavior and attitude of our young caliph.

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